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The Riads: the characteristic Berber houses

Taking a trip to Morocco is like immersing yourself in a real mixture of colors, scents and traditions that it is hard to forget! Every journey in our life leaves us unique sensations and memories of places, cultures, sometimes even very distant from ours, which enrich our soul and make us new and always different people! If you have the privilege of visiting Morocco and its enchanting beauties, staying in a riad will be a unique experience, since it will bring you into direct contact with Moroccan culture and the architectural beauties typical of Berber culture.

Riad: what they are and why it is worth staying even for one night!

The term “riad” derives from the Arabic plural of “garden” (rawd) and in Morocco it indicates a form of traditional dwelling, built around a courtyard or internal garden cared for in every detail. In recent years, there have been many renovated riads and many of these houses have now become one of the most favored places to stay by tourists, who increasingly prefer them over the choice of staying in a classic hotel!

But what are the riads that are so particular and fascinating, to the point of “bewitching”, in the true sense of the word, travelers?

As we mentioned earlier, the aim of most travelers is to dive headlong into the culture of the place visited, abandoning their own for a moment: riads, being typical homes of Moroccan culture, represent the gateway to uses, customs and habits that are part of the new world that we are going to discover .. in other words, staying in a riad will allow you to really immerse yourself in the customs of Morocco and the Berber people.

As soon as you enter a riad, you will be struck by the beauty and charm of the Berber style that dominates in every corner of the house. The fulcrum and peculiarity of each riad is the internal courtyard, a spacious place often located in the center of the building, ideal for relaxing, drinking an herbal tea surrounded by birdsong, plants and fountains that instill a calm and peaceful atmosphere! Surely one of the advantages of staying in a riad is to find yourself in a real oasis of peace, where a stop from the hectic and unstoppable life that characterizes cities like Marrakech or Fes turns into indefinite relaxation within the walls of these beautiful buildings!

Obviously, the style of Moroccan riads varies according to luxury and prices: just like luxury riads, there are riads at moderate prices but able to offer excellent services: it is good to check the reviews online and understand which are the most quoted in order to avoid unpleasant surprises once you arrive!

Located very often in the heart of the Medina, the beating heart and historic center of the city, the riads represent real base camps in which to rest and subsequently prepare to discover the wonders of Morocco. It is important to treasure the indications and advice often issued by the riad owners, who will welcome you warmly, so much so that feeling at home here will be very easy! As very small structures, it is very likely that it can be difficult to find them in big cities .. that’s why it is advisable to have the precise address so as to arrive at your destination without too many problems and in complete tranquility!